Structural Consolidation

Operating for over 25 years in the sector of structural consolidation

Engeco Srl is used to solving problems related to the instability of structures and important infrastructure sites. Be it non-existent maintenance, increased dynamic loads, degradation and progressive deterioration of concrete and steel reinforcements Engeco Srl have the experience to intervene and resolve.


Accelerated deterioration from the lack of maintenance or the wear an tear from road traffic transport leads to irreversible structural collapses. Engeco Srl offers qualified technical support from the first preliminary phases of the design to the interventions with steel and concrete products. Structural rehabilitation can be made with injections of cement and / or epoxy formulations. Special consolidations with carbon fibers can also carried out, according to the most modern application techniques.


Engeco Srl operates with advanced technologies for the recovery of structures close to collapse or with the need to support larger loads. Before intervention careful preliminary analysis is carried out by our technicians with the support of national university institutes. The use of carbon fibre materials are employed by Engeco Srl on construction sites, to address and solve the problems related to structural instability. Typically carbon fibre application techniques include the cleaning the support, application of primer and epoxy paste, spreading of carbon fiber, impregnation of fibers and the application of fillers for possible adhesion of finishes.


Careful examination of the cause structural collapse is important when determining problems related to instability, Engeco Srl can use non-destructive diagnostics like thermo-visual and electromagnetic tests and ultrasonic analysis. These examination techniques are indispensable when defining the serious causes of deterioration and make it possible to solve serious situations like working on bridges, overpasses, pillars and structural elements, without interruptions of traffic, flow of people and other priority activities.