Rock Walls Consolidation

The protection of the environment is a primary goal of Engeco Srl

Human and economic resources are required to guarantee a protected environment.

Engeco Srl is in the forefront of rock consolidation for masses overlying inhabited areas and road connections.

Membership in A.I.R (Italian association of rock companies) guarantees the quality and possession of professional skills at the highest level.


Rock masses with geological anomalies, landslide areas at risk of hydro-geology, retaining walls to protect ordinary roads, excavations for residential buildings in land requiring protection, such as: Rockfall barriers, Bandage in wire ropes, Consolidation of rock volumes with nails and spritz-béton, Crushing boulders with suspended platform networks and ropes, Tie rods and studs and Snow barriers


Urgent maintenance and interventions are carried out on public and private residential structures. Frequent interventions can include the safety of degraded plasters, the separation of façade stone slabs and of ceramic tiles and damaged roofing and under-sink elements.