Hydro Demolition & Scarification

Hydro Demolition & Scarification service division of Engeco Srl

Whether you need to cut to the core or merely remove a one-inch layer, our high-pressure water technique delivers the ultimate level of speed and precision.

Engeco Srl is in the forefront of Hydrodemolition. Hydro-milling. Hydro-scarification for the precision removal of concrete that is deteriorated, de-laminated or contaminated.


Engeco Srl. has specialized over the years in the structural consolidation and restoration and restoration of reinforced concrete products through the use of innovative technologies and the use of sophisticated machines that use high-pressure water jets to demolish the damaged concrete. , without any kind of vibrations that could further compromise the static nature of the parts object of the intervention. This activity is carried out using the hydro-demolition and hydro-scarification technology or the selective removal of concrete with high pressure and high pressure water jets.


The water penetrates into the porosity of the cement creating a strong internal pressure and when this exceeds the tensile strength of the cement, this is removed. This system makes it possible to carry out selective interventions, with the removal of only degraded concrete, by adjusting the water jet appropriately and correctly, accompanied by an oscillating movement that allows to reach high depths even in the case of high strength concretes. The productivity that the high pressure water jet system can give is related to the hardness of the cement, the number of cracks and their size, the quantity of inert and other factors such as carbonation phenomena.


  • Selective demolition with the possibility of removing concrete only if damaged or characteristic resistance desired
  • Total absence of harmful vibrations to the surviving structure
  • Keeps the metal armor in place intact
  • In case of structural restoration, prepare surfaces that are rough and clean, perfect for receiving new jets
  • Ecological system with low environmental impact
  • Safe processing method


This technology is part of the "water-jet" method used since the beginning of the century to clean industrial machines and surfaces in general. These techniques have today developed thanks to the speed of execution and the effectiveness of the results together with respect for the environment and the high level of safety for operators.

Thanks to the skills acquired over time and the experience - constantly enriched - of our collaborators Engeco is a leader in the restoration of bridges, overpasses, dams, viaducts, canals, tunnels and tunnels, underground tunnels, stacks and curbs.