Surveys, Inspections and non-destructive controls

Your company's decision to carry out a survey or preliminary investigation by Engeco Srl will prove to be an important choice in the medium and long term cycle of a building project. Engeco surveys are indispensable if you need targeted, and optimal, interventions in the final build.

Technical verification by Engeco Srl can solve certain problems related to the safety of the structures and then to the future life of construction work.

There are many techniques that Engeco Srl uses, to perform comparative surveys on the real state of the artifacts that present serious problems to the structures.

Detection of damaged structures and those close to collapse

Engeco Srl surveys are performed with electronic equipment for the detection of damaged structures and those close to collapse.

Other investigations can be performed for the complete knowledge of the static situation, such as relief with thermographic equipment, Photogrammetry and restitution C.A.D. and Ultrasonic and Laser surveys.